Thursday, November 20, 2014

The "Shell Game" continues as Obamanation's most useful tool!

This evening, after the Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Office has entertained the Dim's leaders in the Congress (not the Republicans of course) for dinner.....on our tab of course.    He will take to the airways some of the airways, and share his current dictate!

Keep your eye on the pea!!
The whole country is agog, is it constitutional? Is it even legal? How will congress fight it? Can Congress fight it? All eyes on the White House...

However, while all eyes are focused on the shell that might have the immigration pea under it.... our eyes are taken off the shells that are labeled:

-Fast & Furious Scandal
-Benghazi Scandal
-I.R.S. Scandal
-Attacking Libya w/out Congressional notification
-Justice refusing to pursue Black Panther voting intimidation in Philly
-Hacking reporters computers and investigating Rosen
-Billions of Tax dollars thrown down the Green toilets of Solyndra et al
-AG Holder's perjury to Congressional Committees
-And of course, the current Herr Gruber-gate

This is admittedly an abbreviated list -- but that's a whole lot of pee peas hidden under those other shells.  Anybody watching?

So, some say that Obamanation is 'poisoning the well'.  Frankly I'd say he is urinating in the well of the Senate, defecating on the desk of the Speaker of the House, and pulling down his trousers and mooning the Supreme Court and the American people but that's just my opinion.    -- 

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