Monday, November 10, 2014

Loser of the year???

Mr Right - Center - Left
We are coming up on the end of the year .. the time when all the newspapers and pundits start sharing their lists of the 'Best', the 'Worst', the 'Top Ten', etc. 

Just in case somebody decides to create a 'Biggest Loser of the Year', award, I'd like to get my nomination in early. There are some nominees that are just too easy, Obamanation, Eric Holder, Debbie Whazzershitz.. etc.

But my nomination for Biggest Loser for 2014 is......(drum roll) Charlie Christ of God's Waiting Room --- Florida!

Stop and think about it - he Gave up a Governor's seat to run for the US Senate - and got whupped in the Republican primary by Mark Rubio.  He switched to Independent and got whupped by Mark Rubio in the November election. 

Wandering thru the wilderness of unemployed political hacks, with nothing but his perpetually orange visage staring out - he decided that his inner self was a Democrat = so he threw his hat in the race against the GOP Gob'ner Rick Scott who succeeded him in office.  Scott has been a four year low poll performer, so it should have been a no brainer. Right?   Wrong!

Rick Scott (R) whupped him and won re-election.  So once again, that five letter word, LOSER, ooops, I mean Crist - managed to eke out a defeat. 

Maybe he and Arlen Specter could form a Loser's Club. Whoops, I'm sorry, Mr Democrat/Republican/Democrat Specter passed on to a better life two years ago.  

Looks like good ole' Charlie Crist will have to form his own club!  Wendy Davis, are you available to be the club secretary?

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