Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How about a short political math chat.....

I haven't counted them, but I am told that there are about 310,000,000 (million) Americans today. I am also told that there are exactly 3007 Counties in the Fifty States (no Barack -- not 57, put your pencil down)..

If all states and all counties were equal, and of course they are not, that would indicate that there were 103, 092 citizens per county. If we assume that 40% of them are Republican - and that only ten percent are otherwise qualified (natural born citizen, over 35 and all that) in round numbers, we'd be looking at a presidential draft pool 4,000 per county or about 12 Million eligible candidates.  

The obvious question is then - why can't the Republicans find a hotter'n hell candidate out of a pool of 12 million candidates to jump up on a white horse and lead the party (and the country) to victory. 

I see that you have all put your pencils down -- because this is one of those riddles with no answers!

I might point out that one of the reasons no successful Independent wins.... is simply because the two parties have the deck stacked against him/her. A candidate has to collect a humongous number of signatures to get on the ballot in all fifty states..... from 2,000 in Montana to 160,000 in California.  Only the occasional deep pocketed millionaire like Ross Perot or maybe Mike Bloomberg can afford to tilt at that windmill.  

It ain't fair, and it ain't in the Constitution --- but like a wise man said -- 'Life Ain't Fair'.Especially with the two IN parties, Dims and GOP, holding all the chips. 

So once again, we'll have the usual suspects from both parties lining up starting next year. I won't name them - you know who they are...... Uber liberals on the Dim's Debating team and 5 RINO's and 5 Conservatives on the GOP's. 

Then the game of hide the chalk begins..... the Dim Candidates will lean waaaay Left to get their party's nomination - and once achieved - come running back to the middle to get the moderate votes from both parties and the Independents....     and our low information voter will believe them. 

The Republican candidates will do the same - run to the Right, and then return to RINO land for the general election campaign. 

American voters (and I have not sympathy for them) are suffering from total angst and buyer's remorse over the current occupant of the Oval Office....   but I doubt seriously if they've learned anything and won't repeat the same mistakes in 2016 .  Assuming we still have a Nation to govern!

I for one,  think that it would be interesting as hell to see the Democrats field a truthful liberal, progressive who spoke straight with the people and a Republican conservative running openly on the right...
and let the voters decide what they want for their children....  

Wouldn't that be refreshing?

But, alas - it won't happen! Or as they used to say in the Far East - Nebber Happen, GI!!

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