Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hot Damn!! "America's to blame!" and I love it......

The Global edition of Chinese Business News headlines today that:

"Venezuela blames U.S for global oil price slump"

Presidente Nicolas Maduro is not a happy camper apparently -- they and all the OPEC nations plus Mad Vlads Russian Bear oil companies were enjoying the flow of billions of bucks for their $100+ per barrel of oil.....   now us pesky Americans have increased production multifold through shale oil extraction and is driving the price down!!!!..

Woe Woe Woe --So now those countries without oil in their backyard will not have to pay the blackmail prices of the last few years....  Germany, Japan, Mexico and more, will enjoy the benefits that flow with reasonable prices ---   

Not to mention Americans at the gas pumps across the nation! 

El Presidente` is also miffed that OPEC refuses to cut supplies in an effort to raise prices back to their previous levels  - and called for a special meeting of the players to stabilize raise international oil prices. 

Good luck with that fellow!   

Who knows, with a change in the personnel in our White House and Senate, we might even get gob'mint backing for increasing production even more!  How about that Keystone Oil pipe line flowing down to the Gulf, maybe?  

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