Friday, October 17, 2014

Fed chair speaks - Public comments...

This morning, in a prepared speech,  the Fed Chair Yellen commented that she thought that wealth distribution in in this country is unfair..  too much at the top -- too little at the bottom.  Naturally, being a lock step Dim, she fails to mention why there are so many at the bottom of the income ladder...    but saying it better than I, was commenter - Gungy, who in the best comment I've seen this week, said:

"The top 5% controls 2 thirds of all assets? So what. Why do libs always focus on the top percentage while avoiding the major causes of the bottom 5,6,10,20%??? Take one person who sticks in school, rolls up their sleeves and works their butt off who pursues a career path, gets skilled, accomplishments along the way, works the long hours, studies in the books long after the sun sets and ends up blazes trails. ===> NOW --- take another person who drops out of high school and decides to take the easy path in life. Knows nothing, has no skills, can barely speak proper English and can't write worth a damn. Skates through their 20's and now sits back and screams how life is so unfair and the rich need to pair (sic) their fair share. To that person, I say 

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