Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Latest Shell Game.....

Shell game of the week??
Well, Partners, I've been sitting here rarin' to go and let loose a broadside on all this snake oil being sold about gun control. 

But I reckon I'll hold my fire until I see what imperial mouthings come from Obamanation at his latest side show and circus act today.  I understand that he is gonna be surrounding hisself with little kiddies for this dog and pony show. Much like he did when he dressed up all the white house staffers in long white doctor coats when he was peddling the Obamacare lies.  Or police when discussing spending tax dollars on police unions. And on and on..

Like I said, I'll hold fire on the topic of gun control (pun intended) for now -- but want to warn all you taxpayers, just like he is advised to 'never let a crisis go to waste unused', he and his cabal of socialists will do almost anything to keep our eyes off the pea while he shuffles the shells.  Don't let him do it. 

It's still just rumor, but I am hearing that one of his acts today will be to federally fund cops in every village and town across the fruited plains for the kiddies' protection.  Hmmm, what are the odds that these federal rent-a-cops will be immediately unionized ---- adding thousands of dues paying members to related unions and their Dimmocrat supporting coffers..

More later, but keep them eyes peeled!

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