Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Color me flabbergasted.....

... or maybe just confused.  

There is a headline story in Sunday's Washington Times by Rowan Scarborough that headlines... 
"Pentagon begins campaign to bust ‘myths’ about nominee Hagel"

Now then Partners, as one of the many who were around when the "Pentagon" was built, I am fully aware that it is a building, and not a writer, campaigner or other such. So I am supposing that the Pentagon's bricks and mortar are not forwarding documents to the Senate on behalf of Chuck Hagel.  Thus, ergo, and hence, it must be somebody that works there doing all this campaigning.

To my knowledge, there only two kinds of folks in the Pentagon, DOD civilian employees and uniformed members of the Armed Services.  Although I am well aware that that Democrat party hack, Leon Panetta,  works in there as well, I doubt if he is a one man band in this effort. 

So the question becomes, what tax payer paid DOD employees are using gob'mint time, salaries, computers, printers, and staff to lobby the United States Senators on behalf of an Obamanation nominee....  I realize that BO has stomped on the constitution and many other laws - but surely this goes beyond the pall. 

My second question would be, why isn't the Washington Times questioning this illegal act and further, and why isn't the US Senate?  

Don't misunderstand me. If the POTUS wants to use his WH West Wing staff or Dim party workers, that a horse of a different color, but using DOD employees in or out of uniform for such obvious political work seems a bit egregious. 

For more reasons than I am going to use up ink in this little blog.........   


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fishbowl said...

This big action is just the beginning of what the Pied Piper is gonna do..just wait till he comes out with his future "Execitive Powers"--e.g., GUN Control.