Wednesday, December 19, 2012

That pot of water is getting warmer, fellow American Frogs!!

This horrendous video needs no introduction but the succinct facts!  Two women were stopped by a Texas State Trooper for 'throwing a cigarette out of the vehicle'.... The trooper let things escalate and then called for a backup female trooper -- who stood the suspects (of what?) in front of the patrol car headlights and camera to conduct a full body cavity search, frontal and backside -- with the same glove -- on both suspects.

I'm surprised she didn't finger their mouths as well....    It started with TSA, but where does it end folks --- and what are the good citizens of America going to do and when are they going to speak up? 
If you are short of time, jump forward to the 2:30 time....for more on the story, Google: "texas, roadside, cavity search"

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