Monday, November 26, 2012

Scary times at San Antonio High School....

Orwell was a piker! In San Antonio Texas, the times are scary at Ridgemont John Jay High School.  A young lady and her father protested the school districts new command that all students would wear an ID badge with a radio frequency Tracking Chip implanted in it.  With the chip, the students can be tracked every school hour. 

After registering their complaints that several freedoms were involved, including religious freedom.... the school district relented and condescended to allow her to remove the radio frequency chip, but must wear the badge to blend in with the crowd or ..... or prevent the other 4200 sheeple from arising?

Many are seeing these actions as just the start of a long term design to track every citizen from adolescence to the grave....  I can't speak to that - but I can agree this is scary.

The young lady refused the offer to wear the neutered tag, and has now been notified that she is being summarily 'kicked out of the school' and must attend a much further school in the same district.  Which, by the way, intends to expand the program to all 112 district schools from K through 12 !!!   Where will she attend then? 

And all of her friends, with whom she has attended school all these years....  they are left behind....  

What a great country we are becoming. And don't even start me on this trend of arresting sheeple for filming police officers making stops or arrests. Despite the fact that Supreme Court has overruled such arrests in every instance - the cops across the country continue to do it. 

If you doubt me, Google simply..... "arrest, filming cops'' and watch the links unfold!!


Oh OH, here's a late breaking story as of late today: It ain't smart to mess with hack-worthy kids....!! Click here for breaking story.....

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fishbowl said...

Those tracking devices should be mandatory for all U.S. Congress members so The American PEOPLE can observe how they Goof Off.