Monday, November 26, 2012

I don't intend to be depressing as we reach the holiday...... dare I say, Christmas, Season ... but---

If it is a depressing, miserable, scary event in one's life to be laid off without notice at any time -- how depressing, miserable and scary must it be when it happens just before Christmas....

Like Obamanation likes to say, 'Elections have consequences!'  And this last election on November 6th surely has --- If you google 'layoffs, 2012', you'll come up with some real horror stories .. but if you want to save all that effort, click on this link, 'Daily Jobs Cut' and scroll down the list of the thousands of layoffs across the country in just the last thirty days. 

Are they all a result of BO's re-election? I doubt it. Are they enhanced by that event? I'd bet on it.   Avoiding tax increases, Obamacare fiscal demands and more. 

Yessir, elections have consequences. I hope those fine, deep thinking limousine liberals have to look out through their limo  windows at some of these thousands of new unemployed.....

Merry Christmas - the joke is on the Obamaphone voters.....  Oh, I'm sorry, they weren't working before the election, were they?

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