Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pigeon Shooters shoot down Pigeon Shooter Spy helicopter......

Interesting series of events up in Berks County, Pennsylvania. A privately owned hunting club on privately owned land, is conducting legal pigeon shoots --- when an animal rights group takes umbrage and attacks from the air.

So like, Vegans, animal rights folks, and others who want to press their way of thinking on the rest of the world...... the animal rights group, laughingly called SHARK, started spying with radio controlled 'octicopters' carrying hi-tech TV cameras. Film on You Tube at 11,  I reckon....

Now then, you run a hunting club for your members. All shooters.  What do shooters do to spy Octicopters when they fly over your private club property with spy cameras?  ........ BAM - BAM!!

Of course!!

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