Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life is full of questions....

Unfortunately, more questions than answers ......  as I read through the news today, I wonder to myself.....

1. Why is nobody asking asking why the US Ambassador to Libya, the late Chris Stevens, left the safety of the American fortress US Embassy in Tripoli..... to travel to the ill guarded and unprotected consulate building in Benghazi on September 11th - of all days?

He had been warning of the danger in country, and asking for additional protection. I haven't heard anybody from either party ask "Why was this trip necessary?" during their hand wringing sessions 

2. If Hamas and Israel reached an accord for a cease fire yesterday, 20 November, why was it not announced and enacted until Hellary Clinton arrived on the scene today, the 21st? People died during those 24 hours.  How many American tax dollars will find their way to Egypt, Hamas and Israel for enacting this cease fire?

3. If a human being is in this country illegally - his very being is breaking the law. How than can States like Washington, New Mexico and now Illinois issue a valid State Driver's License to a person who is breaking the law just standing there?

4. And finally fact four, for the fun of alliteration -- How do so many fat forty year olds find and finesse physicians to finalize Handicapped Car tags for their unfit trips to the supermarket. And are these morbidly obese Twinkies twits part of the thousands of new Social Security disabled worker set that I hear so much about? Seems like a little walk to those electric store carts might be healthy in some instances.

Just wonderin' out loud....  I was just kidding about final four!  Here is:

5. Why in God's name would any rational American think that Obamanation would argue against going over the 'Fiscal Cliff'?  Let's see now -- all taxes would be raised, Defense spending would be cut -- any changes to that new status would have to be negotiated by the GOP from his grasping hands... what's not to like?  It's a dream come true!!

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