Saturday, November 3, 2012

File this under - "They who laugh last --- laugh best!"

Poor ole' Canada, forced to share North America with it's big time neighbor, the US of A,  must be smiling today.  After years of their lesser value Canadian Dollar, and all other measures against the the mighty United States ....  the latest study comes out with the Ten Most Prosperous countries in the world --- and Ta Da!!  

Canada ranks 5th in the world --

and the mighty United States of America?  Not even in the Top Ten..... it has dropped to a lowly twelfth place....   Hope we made some friends on the way up..... as it were. 

Go here for full report and slide show of Top Ten

By the way - this made me curious so I thought I'd check the mighty US Dollar out in a conversion chart with those Canadian Dollars that always were ranked lower... you know, a price stated as: $12.00 (US) $13.50 (Canadian) .... 

Guess what --- The two dollars are now at parity....    a dollar equals a dollar....!!!

Does any of this make me proud or happy?  - heck no -- but it does serve as a wake-up call to this nation and it's so called leaders......

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