Sunday, November 4, 2012

"All that Twitters..... is not Gold!!'

I have a confession to make, Pilgrims --- I am a virgin when it comes to 'Twitterin'.  I not only have never Twittered, I've never even fooled around late at night with my keyboard thinking about it. 

Maybe I just don't understand it well enough, my Daddy died years before it was invented so he couldn't have told me about it ...  So what little I know about it I've learned in backroom blogs and seen written on bathroom walls. 

Now however, in this age of enlightenment, there is a whole blog out there - which is solely dedicated to the collection of, categorizing and reproducing a zillion Twits (or is it twitters)? I never get it straight. If the message is a Twitter, isn't the sender a Twit.... or a Twitterite?

Is the receiver a Twittee or a Twitterette?

Anyway, I'll link you to the site; '' and you fellow virgins can judge for yerself of the value of these short, profane communications. If you decided to join the pack, don't twitter me, cause I only practice safe verbal intercourse.......... and never withdraw in mid-thought!

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