Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome to Obama's version of Britain's "National Health" service....

Lucie Collins, RIP
During my years in the Air Force, I lived for four enjoyable years in the Town of Bedford, England.  We enjoyed our stay there - larger than a town really, more of a small city. 

That little cutie over there on the right didn't get to live in Bedford for four years. She only got to live there for two years..... for October 5th, she developed an infection and fever. Her dad rushed her to the nearest 'Surgery', Medical offices, where he sat with her for an hour. When her lips started turning blue, he made his fourth trip up to the window to ask them to call an ambulance if they wouldn't see to her.

They finally relented and took her into the 'nurses' room --- where she died before the ambulance arrived....

I have no point to make here -- as the bumper sticker says, 'S**T HAPPENS'...  but I'm not sure little Lucie or her Mom and twin brother would vote for Obamacare.....  You can go here for the rest of the story if you wish.

Did I mention that our oldest son was born in Bedford Hospital - the hospital Lucie didn't make it to before she died?

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