Sunday, October 21, 2012

Forget the politics of the debates -- let's look at the bucks$$$$$

Time is money!!   I've read that a few times --- haven't you?

Thinking of these presidential debates as the SUPERBOWL of politics -- what a gift the MSM is handing Obamanation and the Dims..

Debate #1 - Obama was given an extra three minutes, fourteen seconds to speak. 

Debate #2 - Biden was given an extra one minute, twenty-two seconds to grin on camera.

Debate #3 - (Too much) Candy Crowley gifted Obama  a full four minutes and eighteen seconds to stutter ...

Now then, with audiences in the 60 million range - the only comparable is Super Bowl numbers....   Last February 5th - NBC charged $3.5 Million smackeroos for a 30-second commercial spot...

Lets see - rounding off those overtimes granted in these debates to Eight minutes ---  It would appear that the MSM moderators made a tax free gift to the Dems of  $28,000,000 (million) dollars worth of air face time.

Not a bad deal ...........................  if you are a Dim!!!

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