Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm soooo confuussssed!!!

CBS Head lines this morning:

CBS News) WASHINGTON - As thousands of refugees flee violence inside of Syria, foreign fighters are streaming into it.

"So long as (Syrian President Bashar) Assad refuses to go and Syria's transition is blocked, the danger grows of more foreign fighters, including extremists of the al Qaeda type infiltrating Syria," State Department counterterrorism chief Daniel Benjamin told reporters Tuesday.

Drudge Report headlines this morning:


So, only me and the 32 MILLION Drudge report readers each day know that Obamanation is lending secret support to the 'rebels' in Syria.

And, only me and the millions of people who watch the news now knows that al Qaeda has infiltrated the Syrian rebel army.

Thus, ergo and hence -- we are all to understand that the US of A is sending it's young men and women (not to mention billions of dollars in expenses) to fight al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan - with it's right hand.....

At the same time it's left hand is 'secretly lending support' to al Qaeda in it's effort to oust President Assad in Syria and take possession of all it's armaments and infrastructure.... including WMD's....... chemicals for example.

What is it that I am missing? I suppose the answer from the White House would be, I don't have all the facts.......... to that I say - XXXXXXXXXXXX!!!

I'll just go back to the title of this post..........

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