Saturday, July 14, 2012

Joltin' Joe (Bite-me) Biden becomes the BO's shadow puppet.....

After giving a that white dude, Mitt Romney, a pretty polite reception (considering) earlier in the week, the NAACP were shown the respect that Obamanation feels for them by him becoming a no-show -- and adding insult to injury -- by sending his Washington version of Don Rickels (absent talent, humor) the boy who claims to be from Scranton every four years.... Joltin' Joe!

After insulting Romney, and all things white (Joe doesn't own a mirror?) he broke into his little stand up routine in front of an almost empty hall. Well, the good news is that for a change, he didn't ask the crippled to stand an applaud the healthy like rallies past.

The mighty BO, who had nothing on his official agenda for the day, was just too busy to attend, but sent a short teleprompter fed video in which he admitted to standing on the shoulders of his brothas and sistas. Isn't that what pigeons do to statues before they feel the 'move' coming.

Paraphrasing Churchill, "Never have so many been so used by so few and not complained or expected anything better." The black community is to the Dimmocrats party what Charlie Brown was to Lucie.... every fall, after promising support - she'd yank the football away at the last minute --- and then promise "Next time I will really hold it for you!"

Poor ole' Charlie Brown never got it.... and neither apparently, do the so called leaders of the NAACP !!!

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