Friday, April 13, 2012

Give the Dims 'A' for consistancy.....

The titular head of the Dimocrat Party, that feller that sits with his feet up on the historic desk in the Oval Office.... has spent the last 3½ years blaming everything from unemployment rates to global warming on "W"! We know that.

Hell, he ever passes the blame for the economy on his watch on both 'W' and the Japanese tsunami.

Apparently that 'blame game' syndrome is in that Obamanation Koolaid ... everybody does it. I opened up Drudge this morning and find that hatchet man David Axelrod is screaming to anybody that will listen that spokesman Hillary Rosen (lesbian working single mother), who publicly bashed Ann Romney and all stay at home mothers, works for CNN not the DNC!!

The next Drudge entry quotes Chicago Mayor (and former Obamanation Chief of Staff) Rahm Emanuel as blaming former Mayor Daley as responsible for the blood bath of shootings, murders and mayhem in the City of Big Shoulders this year. Keeping in mind that Emanuel fought tooth and nail for this job, just like BO fought for the Oval office... and yet now the best he can do to explain poor job performance is to blame a former mayor.... pathetic. But a definite pattern!

Ronald W Reagan was quoted as saying, "You can accomplish anything if you don't care who gets the credit."

Looks like the Dims have paraphrased that into, "You can excuse any failure if you can push the blame on somebody else."

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