Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where is all the press coverage when the "flyover" states are hit????

..... sure heard a lot of screams from the press the day after Katrina hit.... but it sure is quiet out there now... even ten days later!

No Power for 10th Day for Some in Plains
SKIATOOK, Okla. (AP) - Huddled near her fireplace, Marla Carter wondered when Skiatook will be mentioned in news reports about the storm-related power outages that have left her without electricity for the past 10 days.
"It's kind of like we've been forgotten about out here," she said Tuesday. "There is life outside Tulsa."
Carter and thousands of other Oklahomans were still without power early Wednesday, more than a week after a massive storm coated the most populous regions of Oklahoma with ice.
Oklahoma's utility companies expect to restore service to most of their customers Wednesday or Thursday. The company that provides electricity to this town 30 miles north of Tulsa estimated that 99 percent of its customers would be back on line by Christmas.
President Bush issued a major disaster declaration Tuesday for seven Oklahoma counties battered by the ice storm. Federal funds will now be available to reimburse state and local governments for cleanup and infrastructure repairs.
The two-day storm caused 27 deaths, the state Medical Examiner's office said. Of those, 16 perished in traffic accidents, eight in fires, two from carbon monoxide fumes and one from hypothermia.
Last I heard, Oklahoma was still a part of this great country.... I guess them squeaking wheels down in Louisiana and in talking heads in TV land got more to worry about then some hard workin' folks in the Red States.......

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Anonymous said...

Pecoz - thanks for bringing this to your readers attendion. This storm wasn't nearly as bad as Katrina, but to those effected and like those who have been without power for the past 10, 11, or 12 days now, it was as bad. There was lots so damage to electric service units that the powere companies will not repair - so that leaves it up to the the homeowner to foot the bill for that repair before the power company will restore service. OKC has come up with a program to help those homeowners who need financial assistance and will pay up to $500.00 to a contractor for the repair. Good programs like this seldom get enought press also.