Saturday, September 19, 2015

There is hope for this country yet (despite Obamanation's best efforts)

Meet Laramie County, Wyoming Sheriff Danny Glick -- President of the National Sheriff's Association, who this week issued an ultimatum to the the empty suit in the White House and to the news outlets present:

 Head of Sheriffs’ Assoc. Issues Blunt Threat to Cop-Hater Obama… “If You Don’t, We Will…”

After a summer of violence against police officers with abject silence from the White House, the head of the National Sheriffs’ Association is fed up.
Laramie County, Wyoming, Sheriff Danny Glick, president of the NSA, told reporters at this week’s Southwest Border Sheriffs’ Coalition meeting that if Barack Obama can’t stand up for law enforcement on a national level, “we will do it at the local level and show you how it’s done.”
Glick made the comments to Breitbart at the convention in Sierra Vista, Arizona. He said that the issue of police violence is one of the foremost issues the NSA was dealing with. He also said that anti-police violence and sentiment was one of the primary issues at the conference.
“We try and identify general issues that cross all boundaries,” he said.
“I think this is vital enough, we are having law enforcement — people that live in these communities, grow up, their kids go to the same schools — be assassinated and yet this (administration) can’t take the time to make this a priority announcement and let it stand on its own rather than dilute it with something else,” Glick continued. “That’s unacceptable.”
“Across the country we are seeing a lot of violence directed at law enforcement and, quite frankly, what we don’t see is this administration stepping up (in) front of it and saying enough is enough,” Glick said.
He also said that since Black Lives Matter protesters and other anti-police protesters were loudly making their voices heard, it was time for those who support law enforcement to let their voices be heard, too.
“This is a time to be vocal,” Glick said. “Stand in unison and say this is unacceptable. Send a message to Washington, D.C., and say if you don’t have time to do it, we will do it at the local level and show you how it’s done.”
“This is law enforcement, this is our community’s people that are being killed because of these acts and we can’t get a condemnation from the President of the United States,” he concluded. “It is sad.”
It is sad — a sad demonstration of just who the American people elected to the White House, not once, but twice.

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