Sunday, September 13, 2015

The 'Future' is speeding up it's approach.....

There was a time when programmed obsolescence was a part of corporate planning to ensure future production and sales.  It would appear that companies no longer have to plan on it -- it's happening faster and faster....

I offer as exhibit #1 - New York City taxicab evolution. For fifty years, the Yellow Cab medallion system ruled the roost. Rich folks (companies) bought the available medallions from city call at exorbitant prices $700K and higher, and then rented the cabs out by the day to drivers. 

 Now Uber has jumped into the fray with no need for medallions, using Smart Phone technology -- and all of a sudden those million dollar medallions are valued at ten cents on the dollar.  Credit unions are suing because they have about $2 Billion dollars in outstanding loans for medallion purchases....  This week, a New York State judge told 'em --"Tough luck dudes, but your loan portfolios are not my concern!", and dismissed the case. 

I offer as exhibit #2 - The new impact of TV cable companies streaming their broadcasts through PC's and not just TV sets. Bottom line for advertisers and commercial producers ----- they are being left behind until they find away to bring their shadow back between us and our screens...... monitor screens that is. 

When Blockbuster ran all the Mom & Pop VCR rental stores out of business, who would of thought how short the run would be before Netflix and Redbox would do the same to them?

I note the other day that Amazon, who started off as on line book sellers and is a zillion buck company selling everything to everybody --- is now offering Home Cleaning Services, through local companies, nation-wide. What's next?

Anybody wanna bet that Amazon or a similar company doesn't get into the medical care business - and maybe even the service our mothers and fathers enjoyed, House Calls -- might return....?

Think about it...... a lot of ca$h out there lying around to be grabbed....

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