Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lame Duckness is created by term limits, not presidents.....

If it quacks like a duck......
I do not intend this post to be a put down of our Current POTUS.  Just a comment on 'lame duck-ness' in general. Every 8 year president suffers his last two years as a lame duck simply because every voter in the nation, with the exception of a few million Bachelor of Arts grads flipping hamburgers, is aware that he is done, finished, non-re-electable!!

I mention this because in the last two days --- two comments bring it home to roost...

*** This morning, Debbie Wasserschitz, DNC Chairette, said flatly;
 "People just want to have confidence in their government again," 
How much plainer could it be that she feels she is in safe lame duck 4th quarter to issue such a statement publicly.

**** Yesterday, Hellary Clinton, Dim POTUS wannabe (in an interview with ABC anchor) said flatly: Referring to the American people: 

They need a leader who cares about them again.'

This, coming from his four year Secretary of State!!!

The blood is in the water folks, and the Community Leader in the Oval Office still has that seat for 16 more months...   Watch the lesser sharks circle to get their beaks wet when these gals let them in on the feed!

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