Saturday, September 5, 2015

It pays to have 'friends in High places'!!

The scene: 37 year-old adult lady invites police officer boyfriend into her home. They argue about him seeing another girl. The lady demands the password for his cell phone -- he refuses to share it -- she grabs his service revolver, fires one shot and misses. She was arrested for assault and reckless endangerment.

The Location: Washington DC (Toughest gun laws in the nation.)

The result: She was placed on unpaid leave, barred access to the 'office' and was just indicted on simple Assault charges.  Not attempted murder, nor attempted manslaughter, Not even reckless endangerment for firing a weapon in a community setting. 

The reason? The shooter is Barvetta Singletary, special assistant to one B H Obama, POTUS.  A different set of rules apply no doubt.  

I wonder: If Joan Sixpack did exactly the same thing in the same city -- would the indictment include more that simple assault?

The link: Washington staffer resigns.
The alleged (?) shooter

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