Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why are we pulling our hair out over illegal immigration?

I see absolutely no reason for the Nation to whipping itself into a frenzy (self-flagellation?) over illegal immigration.   We don't wring our hands and try to understand bank robbers, rapists, highway speeders, or shop lifters --- why should we tie ourselves in knots over ILLEGAL ALIENS?

Kurt Schlichter addresses it well  in the ''....

Five Serious Truths About Illegal Immigration that GOP Candidates Have To Accept

Number One: We Americans have an absolute right to decide who does and doesn’t come into our country and the conditions under which they may do so.

Immigrants have no right to be here. None. They may be granted that privilege, if we choose to grant it. And we may take it away, too.

Number Two: If you commit a crime, you get tossed out.

Break our laws and you’re gone. Murder (if we don’t off you), robbery, dope selling, drunk driving, jaywalking. No discussion. No second chance. Out.

Number Three: Build a real wall, across the whole damn border, and guard it.

We must stop the flood, decisively. We must build a real – not virtual – wall and staff it with sufficient border guards. We must end “catch and release.” Instead, it must be “catch and dump back into wherever the hell they came from.” We also eliminate the anchor baby problem if we don’t let the mother ships stay in port.
And no, Mexico is not going to pay for the wall. Of all Trump’s dumb ideas, that’s the most insultingly stupid.

Number Four: Send illegals home by enforcing hiring practices through civil law.

Let’s unleash the power of trial lawyers by granting individual American citizens the right to sue employers who hire illegal aliens under a federal unfair competition law. A lot of people rightly worry about a government police state intruding into private business. So let’s grant our workers the right to sue employers who hire illegals for damages for displacing American citizens from American jobs, and let the attorneys do their thing. And when the illegal aliens’ jobs dry up – because they will overnight – then the illegals will…wait for it…self-deport. Finally, a way to use lawyers for good instead of evil.

Number Five: No pathway to citizenship. Ever.

See, the minimum expectation for an aspiring American citizen is respect for our laws, which an illegal, by definition, does not have. So, no illegal has met the minimum expectation, and none should ever be a citizen. I suppose this serves our interests as conservatives too, since most illegals seem to want to vote for the Democrats and their pro-“Let’s give free stuff to people who didn’t earn it” agenda. So what? I am unclear about the origin of any moral obligation on our part to dilute our voting power by enfranchising political opponents who shouldn’t be here in the first place.
Are these five principles overly harsh? No. This is our country. We don’t care that your own homeland is a socialist hellhole. That’s your problem, and we are not obligated to make it ours, too. Now, if you wish to apply to be a part of America – as millions have – then we are happy to welcome you if your coming here is in our interest. But it’s an act of grace, not obligation. This is our country and our interests come first – just as you put your interests first when you decided to ignore our laws and our borders and sneak in.
Take these simple five points - post them on every bulletin board in every office in DHS, ICE, Justice Department, Police Station and Border Patrol office in the nation .. in large print! And in the words of some justice -- 'Make them a living breathing document'! 

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