Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where do your kids college tuitions go?

Here are some of the courses (and colleges) available to young Americans today. After you've read the list, you won't wonder why the USA has dropped so far in world education ratings.

1. 'On Being Bored' (ENGL 1511l) Brown University {Tuition - $65,380}

2.'Wasting Time on the Internet' (Engl 111.301) 'U of Pennsylvania {$66,800}

3.'How to Win a Beauty Contest' (Cast 240) Oberlin College {$66,174}

4.'Tree Climbing' (PE 1657) Cornell University {$64,1164}

5.'Stupidity' (Critical Theory) Occidental College {$63,194}

6. 'Tattoo, Piercing & Body Adornment' (ASAM 077) {$63,880}

Trust me folks, these are all accredited courses with varying credits.. for the rest of the list go here....   There are even more to turn your stomach and make you scratch your head!! As well as hide your billfold or check your college kid's class schedule!

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