Saturday, August 22, 2015

The world is still full of surprises....

...and ole' Vet friend sent the following 'Letter to the Editor' of the San Angelo (TX) Standard Times and it was actually printed -- unedited.  Since the Standard Times is a little to the left of the NY Times, you'll understand my surprise.. it's a great letter ... and full of truthiness! 

Liberals and progressives the true racists among us
       A while back, Starbucks’ CEO promoted a clever advertising scheme suggesting that “racial dialogues” in his coffee shops would promote racial harmony. This idea is as phonily futile as the lyrics “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” (absurdly kumbayah).

        Every human being on the planet will require a frontal lobotomy before “man” will ever live in complete peace or racial harmony.  

        Both are impossible idealisms; mankind’s entire history is conclusive proof of this assertion.  Overt racism can be attacked and destroyed, but the covert- institutionalized forms are becoming impossible to eradicate because they are so well entrenched and protected by the real bigots, politicians and progressives!
       And Black racism is as prevalent as White racism.  Overt racism is easy to see: segregation, self-imposed segregation, hate speech denigrating specific races and ethnicities and racial pandering ala the likes of the David Dukes, Al Sharpton’s and Farrakhan’s among us.

            The federal government is a primary instigator and perpetuator of covert discrimination under the clever guise of promoting social justice vis-a-vis welfare programs, hand-outs and affirmative actions that destroy initiative and self-reliance and keep the poor, poorer and increase our national debt while surreptitiously and simultaneously promoting racial divisiveness!

       Affirmative Action can have unintended consequences.  As a technical instructor in the 70’s, I was dumb-founded that a University of Virginia graduate in my class was having so much difficulty with the course that he was in danger of washing out.

       Required to counsel students near failing, I suggested that he shouldn’t be having so much difficulty with the course. After all, he’d been accepted at a major university and matriculated with a BA. He simply scoffed and explained he’d been accepted under Affirmative Action.

      When I suggested that he still had to work for his degree, he just laughed and said “the professors were afraid to fail me, I didn’t have to work much to get the degree, and it doesn’t prove anything.”

      Shortly thereafter, failing more exams, he washed out. Politically based racism led to this sad outcome. Handouts are motivationally destructive often destroying pride and initiative for many people save those disposed to be lazy or who prefer to play victim.

         Black Americans and most contemporary Whites don’t even know the history behind Jim Crow laws and are skillfully kept from knowing that the Democratic Party birthed these discriminatory laws post-civil-war and perpetuated them well into the 20th Century.

      Circa JFK-1960’s America, the Dems decided to disguise their overt racist positions as a political maneuver to woo blacks as a voting bloc as a means of increasing their political power.

      The Dems were suddenly the black man’s best friend, lavishing them with welfare benefits, special programs, preferences and propaganda (e.g., “white privilege”).  Pure genius; the Dems switched from overt ((see Ku Klux Klan Senator Robert Byrd Democrat, West Virginia) to covert discrimination in a generation creating a new racist bogeyman, the Republicans.

       Were many blacks duped by left-generated propaganda? Absolutely!  Did they gain anything by Democratic manipulation? No, their net gain has been an enormous loss.

      Amazingly stupid, Republican’s never mention the vicious, overt/covert racism promoted by the Democrats for over a century through today.
     Race-baiting demagogues like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and racist Louis Farrakhan use people of color as a means to achieve their riches and are rarely called out for doing so.

     Blacks seem not to know that Planned Parenthood, a hot topic recently, was founded, in part by white “progressive” Margaret Sanger, who espoused as one goal: keep black birthrates under control.

      No sane person doubts slavery is and was wrong. But many blacks won’t acknowledge there were thousands of contemporary white slaves as well as black, and either through ignorance or purpose of evasion won’t acknowledge that some of their ancestors were sold by members of their own race (vice tribe) into slavery and not just to whites, but to Muslims and other black tribes too.
     Racist groups, be it Ku Klux Klan, White Supremacists, Skinheads, Nazis, Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP or Nation of Islam are beneath contempt.  
      Read Jason Riley’s Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed, and especially genius Thomas Sowell’s intellectually stimulating and well-researched Black Rednecks and White Liberals.
     These two black men have exposed racists, including white 

liberals/progressives as ignorant bigots or purposeful racists. As Sowell puts it, “Heedless of the past, we plunge blindly into the future.”   See YouTube Video Elbert Guillory for additional enlightenment.

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