Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hey, Hey, Whadda'ya Say? Maybe we'll be all right in he USA!!!

These three lads taught so many lessons to folks around the world this last weekend that some of those lessons might be overlooked...

Three true Americans, Sadler, Stone & Skarlatos
An active duty US Airman on leave, a US Army reservist on vacation, and a college kid - heard the snap of a Kalashnikov rifleand ran toward the sound, not away from it... and saved God only knows how many lives.

Had our POTUS been on the spot, he'da probably counselled patience - duck and cover - negotiate another day. A beer summit perhaps?

But these three young men, of differing nationalities, but wearing no hyphenated geographical or ancestral names before "American", even of different colors, taught the world that, as Sadler's father said -- "It is better to die like a lion than die like a sheep"!  Would that some of our weak kneed Washington leadership would think of that when considering what to do with ISIS and Iran. 

They took the expression 'When you see something - say something', to a higher plane. When they saw (and heard) something --  they DID something,

I understand that in addition to their French Legion of Honour medals (fasted awarded in history I think) that the are being considered for the Airman's and Soldier's medals. And without a couple of years of paperwork!!

Believe me, nothing will freeze a person's blood and feet like the sound of a Mossberg pump action shotgun when a shell is slammed into place .. and the slamming lock and load of an AK-47 can have the same effect.  Our president can call a gay football player coming out of the closet --- a hero!  

I'll save my use for that word for men (women) like this!

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