Thursday, August 20, 2015

File under 'Ask and you shall receive........'

The Mayor, DA, Police Chief and the citizens wanted less PO-lice activity in their fair city of Baltimore....a city of 600 thousand folks

As of today, August 20, they have enjoyed 213 murders. More than they had all last year, 2014..... and as many as the folks in NY City has had this same period with 8,000,000 citizens.

Hmm, Baltimore - one murder for every 2,800 citizens in 8 months.....
New York City   - one murder for every 37,558 citizens in the same period. 

Can you say Blue Flu? ..... cough cough!!!

Of course Mayor de Blasio ain't about to let Baltimore whup his record - he's doing his best to make the NYPD ineffectual as well.....

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