Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Big debate 'S' on FOX tomorrow evening --- Yawn.........

As an American conservative who has been voting Republican for the last fifty years because there is no Conservative Party (with a capital C) on the ballot .... I find it hard to get excited about watching a double feature debate tomorrow evening with 17 candidates.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not against 17 candidates in a primary race - that's healthy - it's a shame the Dims can't find another dozen that are actually qualified to stand up for their party instead of just the worn out old Whack-A-Bimbo playing wife of Bubba Clinton.

I know, she tells us that she's only in it because her mother was hungry or homeless or something and so she, Hellary wants to represent all the little people. I guess that would be those who didn't gross $16,000,000 last year and dodge income taxes by putting in her personal foundation.

Why is it when she stares at the camera and sez "I did not e-mail anything that was marked classified," that I hear echos of her philandering husband staring in the camera and saying , "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is."   Hmm  Is there a lawyer in the house?

Anyway - getting back to tomorrow night's marathon circus debates, if a candidate is going to get one minute to answer a moderator's question, I reckon it's going to a little long on sound bites and a little short on detail.  For example:

"Governor Bush, what faults in our existing school systems do you see corrected by the Federal Common Core curricula and how do you see it evolving?"

"Well Megyn, it's been proven that 10,495 schools are not meeting the standards of the other 5, so it would seem that my 8 years as Gob'nor of Florida, in which we had no major hurricanes would greatly help the nation avoid another Katrina!" 
So there!  

"Mr Trump, you said that illegal immigrants were rapists and murderers. And that you would make Mexico pay for the great wall you are going to build. How do you propose to do that?"

"Hey Brett, I proposed to three beautiful women and they each married me and loved me a lot. I even got them to sign some tough pre-nups.  Compared to a beautiful blond, the Mexican president is gonna be a push over.  If these little guys that can't think outside the box up here on the stage with me can't figure it out, America needs me, Donald Trump to do it for them. I can't wait to see that wall with the word TRUMP WALL every mile for 1300 miles!"
Take that!

...... and so it goes....   I think I'll catch the lo hi-lights on Fridays news clips... probably gonna be more fun than one of those Dean Martin Roasts we used to have on TV before America's Got Talent took over the airways....

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