Monday, July 13, 2015

San Antonio Mayor shows the way........!

San Antonio, Texas. for years has been mayored by liberal Democrats.. the job holds no authority (a highly paid city manager runs the joint) and is paid about $4,000 per year! One dollar for each ribbon cut I guess..

You'd recognize the name of a couple of San Antonio's former mayors, Henry Cisneros (who went on to be HUD secretary until it was discovered that he was using campaign money to hush a former bed partner..... and of course, most recently, Juan Castro, son of Rosie Castro, local Saul Alinsky protege, who is now appointed what else? Secretary of HUD. 

He was replaced by a very sharp young Black Lady who just won election for a full term by swamping a well known long term state senator -- "mulier versus mulier"

Now then, after all the dumbass Battle Flag controversies, naturally a city council person decides to pick up the flag (so to speak) to look for a little name recognition in San Antonio..  the new Mayor was having none of it!
The hysteria over the Confederate flag has reached a fever pitch, with many Democrats insisting all Southern cities take down their flags in protest.
However, one Democrat mayor of a major city is taking a stand against the politically-correct wave sweeping across the country. And not only that, she’s also an African-American.
San Antonio, Texas Mayor Ivy Taylor issued a blistering response to a city councilman who demanded that the city create a task force to inventory Confederate flags and monuments in the city.
“It often takes an unspeakable tragedy to perpetuate changes in policy and customs of society,” San Antonio Councilman Alan E. Warrick II wrote in a memo last Wednesday.
”We are currently seeing this unfold in communities and states across the nation.”
“I do not believe the vast majority of residents who support Confederate flags or monuments have hate in their hearts,” Warwick wrote. However, “The fact that some of these symbols are utilized by hate groups to harass and intimidate should be enough to give us pause.”
Taylor, however, had none of it.
“Slavery and the Civil War are part of the American legacy. For more than 200 years we’ve been trying to fully realize the revolutionary premise of democracy: all men are created equal,” Mayor Taylor said in a response she issued.
“Selectively erasing pieces of our past may make it more comfortable for us today but it also makes it easier for many to ignore the historic struggles of Blacks and other minorities in this country, a struggle for equality that continues today.”
“It is offensive to use the rebel battle flag as a symbol of a city or state but it is also offensive to pretend that Texas was never a slave state or that racism has played no role in our history for the past 150 years.” (H/T BizPac Review)
While we may disagree with some of Mayor Taylor’s sentiments, she does have something right here: the flag is a part of our nation’s history, and it would be inconceivable to erase it from history out of reasons of political incorrectness.
We support this brave African-American mayor and hope that others across America follow her lead.
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