Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hypocricy's lastest name and face ---- Hellary Clinton!

 I am certain that all of you read the headlines the other day wherein Hellary has all of a sudden become a Climate Change fan ... and expert.  A little in- depth reading will reveal that she had this come to Jesus meeting with nature when one of the USA's billionaires ... Mr Green Stock holder and self proclaimed environmentalist, Tom Steyer promised oodles of moolah for the candidates with the greenest agenda --   as in 'Block the Keystone Pipeline - and help a billionaire - please!'

Anyway - never one to miss out on the green stuff (as in dollar bills), Hellary immediately became a cheerleader for the planet... She gave a stirring stump speech in Des Moines Iowa surrounded by bicycles and all, screeching for a reduction in carbon-cutting measures and then................  and then,

She climbed up the stairs to yer $5,850 per hour Rent-a-Jet (that burns 347 gallons of fuel per hour) and flew off in luxurious comfort for the rural political pastures of New England.

Folks, I wouldn't even try to describe the comforts offered in the FRENCH MADE gas guzzler..... but fortunately, the British Daily Mail newspaper does a marvelous job of showing us how this lady of the people, this caring, sharing distant cousin to the Sisters of the Poor and Caring..... travels...    I guess her phony baloney trip across the country in the SUV to meet the little people grew tiresome after on trip.....

Just in case you missed the link to this sultan's palace on wings in that last paragraph, here it is again - click here for the link!

P.S. My friends, don't you wish you had dug into your little piggy bank to send Ms Hellary money to help her struggling campaign? You might have paid for five minutes of her Executive Flightways ride.... if you sent $500 of your hard earned savings!

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