Tuesday, June 2, 2015

News of the Day

Our government at work!

 Undercover agents tested TSA agents and procedures around the country and were able to smuggle weapons, bombs and other dangerous items past the TSA security checkpoints 96% (NINETY-SIX PERCENT) of the time. That means that the billions of dollars and passenger discomfort suffered in this country produced a success rate of only 4 out of a 100 incidents of such weapons smuggling. For this -- the Chief Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration - a very high ranking.highly paid civilian named Melvin Carraway was reassigned to a lateral position in the department of Homeland Security by Jeh Johnson - with praise for his services.  

To compound the error, Carraway's top assistant was appointed as acting director. 

Seems to me that some pink slips w/cause are in order - not lateral transfers. mebbe starting with the inept Secretary of Homeland Security, the Carraway himself, and several of his senior managers. Perhaps a large handful of site managers should be joining them in the unemployment line. 

Probably also wouldn't hurt to take a short (not long) hard look at TSA itself, and see if it's even necessary in it's present useless condition. 

Lest you think I am being a little curt -- stop and ask yourself, what would GM,ATT, Hewlett-Packard, or even McDonalds do if their product failed 94% of the time --- heck, the Board of Directors would cut holes in their golden parachutes before they threw them overboard!!

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