Monday, June 8, 2015

Facts and Rumors

The facts. Ma'am, just the facts....   "Yes, an elementary school teacher did reward some good kids with candy in their Williamson West Virginia grade school. And yes it's also true that West Virginia kids, like kids everywhere, love a surprise treat!:

The Rumors: It's only a rumor that the schools Director of Child Nutrition, Kay Maynard wears a swastika on her arm band when she calls the West Virginia Department of Education to report incidents like this. It's also only a rumor (I reckon) that Michelle Antoinette Obama was never elected to office nor appointed to an official office in charge of the Children's Gustatory Gestapo.

The Facts: The teacher performing this heinous act could have faced a hefty fine, but the local school board decided to back off when they found that the elementary school kids were collecting their pennies to contribute toward any fine that might be imposed!

Final Rumor: Michelle Antoinette Obama, upon hearing of this egregious behavior shouted, "Off with her head!" And wanted to make the whole class eat a raw turnip along with the evil teacher!

Pop Quiz: What is this 21st Century Version of the National Socialist German Workers Party doing to this country? And what more do they intend to do?

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