Saturday, May 9, 2015

TWTWTW!!! *This was the week that was"

Remember that TV show from years ago with host, David Frost..    well, let me present this weeks report-

Lindsey Graham(nesty) in pandering for the Hispanic vote announced profoundly:"As president, I would veto any bill without path to citizenship"   --- Earth to LG -- You ain't gonna be president - and BTW, we already have laws on the books affording a path to citizenship for immigrants.

British PM Cameron's Tory party kicks butt in British General Election. Now 'owns' Parliament. 
--- Bad news for Cameron - now he can't blame his liberal ways on his delicate partnership with Labour.

Feds to invade  conduct practice military training games in Texas.
--- Everybody with a microphone castigates new Gob'nor Abbott for following the revered Ronald W Reagan's admonitions , "Trust - but verify" by calling up the Texas Guard as watchdog-reporters. 

Black Attorney General Loretta Lynch calls for DOJ investigation of Black Mayor, Black State's Attorney, and Black Police Chief in Baltimore to determine if Black citizen;s rights are being abused.
--- "Say what? Sister"

First tropical storm, Ana, headed for DC!
--- Speaker Bohner calls back House members from Spring vacation to provide counter wind source to lessen Ana's impact. 

Obamanation demands 'fast track' approval for his Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Doesn't allow Congress members to read it before voting.
--- Hey, it worked for Pelosi railroading the ACA through, why won't it work a second time. Got to stay inside those two day work week rules.

Three more Republicans announce their candidacy for the GOP nomination for POTUS. More to follow.
--- Does the old expression 'Safety in Numbers' apply to circular firing squads?

And finally:

The Bill & Hellary Liars Club Award Winners of 2014 had a busy week striving to earn the Cup again in 2015.
--- He only speaks for $500K honorariums to 'pay the bills', and she has never been approached for a favor by a multi-million dollar donor to the Clinton Cash Cow euphemistically called the Clinton Global Initiative. 

One bonus item: 
In a week with big time headlines from across the world....... NYC cop shot, to ISIS attack in Texas to IRAN's threats.... the Saturday morning headline is:
--- Tom Brady to be suspended for 'inflategate'.......    go figure!

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