Thursday, May 28, 2015

This year's Memorial Day memories.....

I was trying to figure out how to put this last weekend's rampage of murders and shootings in Obamanation and Eric Holder's favorite cities (you know - where they express extra concern over police violence) but wasn't sure how to address it. Fortunately, my friend Stilton Jarlsberg of Hope n' Change came through for me!

Unfortunately for the 22 dead and and 62 wounded -- none of hem were shot by cops in the performance of their duty --- so.....  the Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Orifice -- and he Attorney General's office have no interest..  Don't reckon Al Sharpton has called up his private jet -- either!

Paraphrasing -- it would appear that those victims are "Gone and yes, forgotten!" Turban Durban will probably propose another gun law!!

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