Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Joke Behind The Joke.............

By now all you sharp eyed folks who stop by this blog for a visit every now and then, has heard a thousand words and seen a hundred pictures of Obamanation, the class clown - as he addressed the Coast Guard Academy Grads at their graduation ceremonies yesterday!   Here's just one more picture and then I'll share the Joke behind the Joke:

I wonder how many folks who advised this empty suit, and how many folks who heard that he admonished these Coast Guard Grads that they would be in dereliction of their duties if they didn't place global warming climate change as the number one enemy of this country!   

Yessir, I'll bet he really made them proud be be Coast Guard Midshipmen/women... for  every darned one of 'em is guaranteed to have a boat under 'em when the oceans begin to rise.  The Infantry might get their feet wet, the Airmen might land in puddles --- but the members of this graduating class are guaranteed dry feet no matter how many cows phart in Australia, or even how long congress stays in session and creates clouds of carbon-dioxide!!

Well -- I thought it was funny... or at least ironic..... or at worst -- one more example of how little brain effort go into this man's schedule and thinking!!

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