Friday, May 1, 2015

Color me paranoid..... or call me a 'Doubting Thomas'....but...

..... I have serious wonderment's in my head about this announcement just made by Eric Holder's female clone -- Loretta Lynch (who is so new, her oath taking is still echoing) when she announced that the Department of Justice is going to spend $20 million of our tax payer dollars to pay for body cameras for America's beat cops. 

What are my doubts, you ask?

Good question - estimates are that there are 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers in this country. Anybody know where you can buy 900,000 body cameras, for $22 bucks apiece (including S&H) ???

I understand that San Francisco is budgeting $6 million tax dollars to provide cameras to just their 'Beat' Cops....   Not even enough for their Sheriff's department.  So how far is $20 million going to go nationwide? 

If they do it alphabetically, then I guess she'll outfit the law enforcement officers in Alabama and Alaska.... and maybe one village in Arizona. Those beat cops in Wyoming ain't even gonna get cell phone cameras or two tin cans and a piece of string.

So what's the point? you ask. 

Good question -- Is this just one more step in the movement to nationalize all state and local law enforcement agencies? Want to guess the names of the countries that currently or in recent history have had National Police Forces instead of locally controlled and directed police departments? 

Or.... is it the bait to lure in billions of tax dollars for the DOJ and Ms Lynch to dole out to law enforcment agencies as they see fit... 

Now I've asked the questions -- you figure out the answers. In the meantime, be assured that most thoughtful folks believe that body cams on Beat Police are a GOOD idea. They not only keep the cop honest, but also by just being there, encourage the perp, suspect, arrestee, stopped person - to behave in a manner which they don't fear to be shown in a court of law. 

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