Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Few Random Sunday Morning thoughts.....

*** Baltimore's States Attorney Marilyn Mosby just might have turned her 15 Minutes of Fame into 7½ minutes!  So eager to flap her wings in the nation's TV screens, she may have flapped her lips sufficient to be the six accused cop's best Amicus Curiae...............

*** As the gay/lesbian groups around the country demand more and more air time and ink -- one has to wonder why somebody in the 97% straight population hasn't started up a 'Straight Pride" movement. I wondered, Googled, and found that some have.  But apparently not with volume and success of the 3% gay population.

*** Why do I find it discomforting that long time horse trainer Bob Baffert has both the #1 horse and #3 horse in the Kentucky Derby - and that's okay. But Pete Rose is banned from baseball for life for betting on other teams? 

*** Why would the PGA revamp the format for the World Golf Championship (WGC)  Cadillac to maintain a TV audience but end up with a format that sends the number two (and hottest) player in the world home on Friday after winning 2 of 3 matches.. along with Justin Rose and other big name winners?

*** Why couldn't Gillette or Pabst Blue Ribbon bring us the fight of the century last nite instead of making it a $100 PPV event.....??

*** Why is Bernie Sanders (Socialist VT) getting so much press coverage announcing as candidate for Dim nomination for POTUS? MSM nudging Hellary to the left?

*** Why is Obamanation so silent in the face of such events as ISIS's slaughter of over 300 Christian Hostages in Iraq over the weekend? 

*** With the GOP majority in the Senate, why is Mitch McConnell letting the Dims (& Dingy Harry) continue to run the joint? 

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