Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Whatever happened to..............

- If citizens have a grievance, they file a protest....
- If their paper protest is ignored, they march in protest in the streets...
- If their street protests are ignored, they hold sit ins, block traffic and otherwise disrupt the daily lives of the gob'mint officials, law enforcement and elected officials that they hold responsible.

No where in that list is there a license to attack people, property or loot! People, their property, their stores and goods are not part of the public discourse. 

After Katrina, Mississippi and Louisiana police and national guards announced that looters would be shot on sight .... looting and burning stopped.  As the Rodney King riots escalated.. looters were shot... and the riots de-escalated. 

So where is this common sense in Baltimore today? Citizens want to protest the death of Mr Gray - fine! March, protest, hold rallies, sit-ins, whatever -- but the death of Mr Gray gives no man, woman or teenaged thug the right to break into homes and stores with the express purpose of stealing or destroying property.  

Nobody!   Despite the fact that the air headed city mayor stated publicly that the rioters need to be given space to destroy!

Mebbe it's time to revisit the unwritten law that served this country well for 300 years.....  it's on that sign at top of this comment!!

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