Thursday, April 23, 2015

Strange set of financial headlines this morning......

Facebook earnings, as reported by young billionaire owner and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, were higher than expected - apparently because their MAU (Monthly Active Users) numbers skyrocketed to 1.44 Billion people.

McDonald's global income fell again, down 11 per cent from a year ago with net income plunging to $812 Million . With 36,000 stores in 100 countries - McDonalds is now trying to play ketchup (pun intended),

So..... what are we to assume? Nothing I guess - except that one and a half billion folks in this world want to share there inner most secrets, family pictures and thoughts with the world - and a company that guarantees no privacy.... while at the same time...

Turning their backs on a great cup of coffee, a fair order of French Fries and a frozen gray hamburger at a reasonable price.

I dunno the answers... I just know the questions.  BTW, in my gray old head, there ain't no better breakfast value in the country than a Senior Coffee, a Sausage Biscuit & Deep Fried Hash Brown for a $1.65  when you are on your way to work, golf, or fishing in the morning..  

But I agree with those who say with today's high prices, MickeyD's is no longer a place to visit with the kids for a cheap kwik lunch....  Did I hear the other day that a Big Mac, fries and a soft drink is now about Seven bucks?  Let's see now... the average family in this nation... which is now (unfortunately) one adult and two and a half kids... would pay $21 bucks for lunch -- if the half kid wasn't hungry!  And this is before they start paying a skilled workers wage of $15 per hour to a kid who couldn't make change for a five dollar bill if the cash register didn't tell him how much to give you!!

And no, you won't read that statement on Facebook, Twitter, Tweety or wherever!

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