Saturday, April 25, 2015

Our new term for the 21st Century --- Safe Spaces

I promise not to get too wordy or go too deep in depth on this inane subject on this early Saturday morning.... but I do want to draw attention to it --

We know that kids today are not raised the way we were back in the day. They are constantly hovered over by their helicopter parents (who would be at risk of arrest and visits from Child Protective Services if they stopped hovering), not even allowed out into their front yard, much less go down to the corner for a pick up game of hoops or sandlot base ball. 

Well now, these overly protected, pale little tykes, with the TV screen shaped eyes and worn out texting thumbs.. have reached college age and..... egad! They find that there are people in the world who don't think exactly as they do. This is of course, an unacceptable situation. When smaller, they could stick their fingers in their ears and run in circles shouting 'Nanananananana, I'm not listening', but that's a little over the top in an ivy covered college situation.  Sooo....

Instead they have joined together into student forums demanding Safe-Spaces for their brethren and sistren. Let no opposing, new, or unfamiliar view be voiced, displayed or otherwise suggested within these spaces..... lest they totally warp the little Millennial creatures. Is there a speaker coming to campus who has not been vetted as absolute vanilla and Safely in agreement with their line of thought -- quick,,, get them banned!  A governor? A senator? A world class presence? No matter -- ban them!

Time was that universities and colleges were created to encourage thinking, discussions of opposing ideas, and broadening of the mind. No more apparently. 

I don't need to go on in my little corner of the blogosphere - But I suggest that when you come across articles that discuss Safe-Spaces and Micro-aggressions, that instead of letting your eyes just glaze over -- take the time to learn what this younger generation --- our future leaders ---  are about

Click here for one place to start.....

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