Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New York's Gob'nor Cuomo din't fall very far from the tree....

Andy Capp Cuomo
I note in the headlines that Gob'nor AndyCapp Cuomo, NY (D) has announced that his StartUp NY program for the Empire state has created 76 jobs = state-wide!   
And at a cost of $53.000.000 (million) tax payer's dollars. 

For those of you who are either mathematically challenged, or askeared to look at the numbers .... that works out to $697,000 per job!!  

To put the remaining 554,239 New Yorkers currently out of work, back on the job, would cost the taxpayers $386,304,583,000.... Yep, Partners, Lil' Andy has found a way to erase unemployment in his one state for just short of a half trillion dollars.   Ain't he something?

Sounds like a POTUS I know who has made all his Chicagoland and ACORN cronies millionaires - and still has a nation-wide unemployment rate on the north side of 10%........

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