Thursday, April 2, 2015

Neville Chamberlain Day?

Okay - Okay -- I know I missed posting today - but had some errands and stuff to do.... not to mention the fact that the only national news that the Empty Suit in the White House came out into the Rose Garden (Iran's demand) to announce. "Peace in Our Time!"   IF.....IF ....IF  please note that IF ... then go back to listen to his announcement. 

{btw - Can you imagine George Bush, Ronald Reagan or even Bubba Clinton taking orders from a Middle East Dictator to make his announcement from the Rose Garden?  Nope, neither can I, ..... well maybe Bubba being told by Hellary where to make his Monica speech}

IF Iran sticks to a non-written agreement of arguable responsibilities for three months.. then..............    in a word.... hog wash!  (is that two words?)

Even the French got up and left the table.... and when the French show more backbone than your POTUS or your Ms Heinze;s  Toyboy Sec of State -- you are in serious difficulty. 

And the Iranian Ayatollah's final words as these marvelous talks concluded?  Death to America!!  

Makes you all warm, fuzzy and comfortable doesn't it?

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