Friday, April 17, 2015

Low Information Voters !!!

Also known as LIV's..... they are the scariest bloc of US Citizenry in the Nation! They are the ones who saw these pictures of Hellary on her 'listening tour' and actually thought that she was talking to the common people....   Here's a snap with some ID's attached.

They are the ones that listen to her complain about the exorbitant salaries of CEO's running billion dollar companies and employing tens of thousands.... as she gets paid the same amount for giving a few Forty-five minute couch talks per year...
And ..... low information voters are those who have strong opinions about headlines that they never read -- just heard in the ladies room or break room, for example. lefty lucy, liberal, progressive, political, humor, cartoon, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, clueless, young, red hair, green glasses, cute, democrat, giuliani, obama, america

And the scariest thing about LIV's? If they show up at the polls, their votes count every bit as much as the folks who pay taxes, study the candidates, understand their positions, and vote wisely! 

God Save Us From LIV's....

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