Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is this a case of Deja Vu, or Here We Go Again or......

.... Fool Me Once, Shame On You... Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me?

So Hellary Clinton is off in her Scooby Doo SUV bound for Iowa and points West to conduct her listening tour.  Any of you kids remember the last time she did this? Yessir -- You, that young man with the bow tie and your hand up - What's the answer?
"She did it in 1999 when she dragged her carpetbags into New York to run for US Senator!"

Correctamungo, young feller!  As you recall, she had no qualifications, never served in public office, was tainted with Whitewater, cattle futures, and a failed attempt to create a national health care plan.  So, upon the well thought out advice of her handlers, she declared a 'listening tour' and started traveling around the state listening. (psst) - listening means that she can visit with small groups, no reporters, no questions, hard or soft and best of all - does not have to bare any positions she might have -- after all, she is listening.

And it worked.  Keep in mind that New York (down) staters always vote Dim and for big names - else wise they'da never voted for that other carpet-bagger RFK when he decided he wanted to be a NY State Senator. {Just one more reason why upstaters and Western New Yorkers would like to secede from New Yawk! - but that's another story.}

So, by saying nothing -- she was elected to the US Senate where she did nothing memorable for 8 years.  Well she did famously call American hero and military genius General Petraeus a liar in front of the whole world from the safety of the Senate floor - but bullies do that -- ask Dingy Harry Reid. 

Then she ran for the Dim nomination for POTUS against nobody -- and  that junior Senator from Illinois whupped her butt. So she quit the Senate and started flying around the world on our dime, saying nothing, accomplishing nothing, and solving nothing. Did a whole lot of texting with disappearing ink, apparently....

Now she has decided once again that cankles, pants suits and all, she wants to be the Nation's Granny, er something. She has gone from $100 Million Dollar Couple dead broke with two mansions, one in New York and one in DC.... she hasn't driven a car (or opened a door) in 18 years... but now she is going to be one of us common folks.  
Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy
But only on a listening tour -- no questions, thank you very much. No reporters, just her and the little people!  

I had come to the conclusion in 2008 and 2012 that the low information voters in this country would vote for Jack the Ripper if he offered them free knives --- but surely - they aren't going to be taken in again, are they???

Well, are they?

As somebody said last night on national television - Hellary has as much experience and qualifications to be President because she was married to Bubba the De-flowerer, as does Gisele Brady to take over as quarterback of the New England Patriots - because after all - she's been married to Tom Terrific for six years and bore him two kids......

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