Thursday, April 16, 2015

If you like and admire American worker's unions.... you'll love this....

Obamanation's, hand picked, carefully stacked Labor Relations Board has just released a new ruling to allow ambush elections in the American Workplace. Not only may a union (any union, pick a union) announce a union vote among workers in a non-union environment --but they can now insist that the election be held within 14 days. FOURTEEN DAYS!! Allowing the business no time to prepare arguments, inform employees, or otherwise fight the election. 

Picture it, the Brotherhood of Bell Ringers works quietly in the dark of night for two years building a campaign to unionize the workers at the Copper Clapper Factory. Then walk in on a Monday morning prepared for a total blitzkrieg attack on the company and it's workers..... while the company has just been doing business as usual and keeping it's employees engaged.  

Bam! Wop! Boom! First order of business from the unions? Here it is from the horses mouth, er rather, the LRB's memo:

The employer must provide the regional director and parties named in the decision an alphabetized list of the full names, work locations, shifts, job classifications, and contact information (including home addresses, available personal email addresses, and available home and personal cell telephone numbers) of all eligible voters, accompanied by a certificate of service on all parties. The employer must also include in a separate section of that list the same information for those individuals who, according to the election agreement or direction of election, will be permitted to vote subject to challenge. When feasible, the employer must electronically file the list with the regional director and electronically serve the list on the other parties.

Yep, not only is the company ambushed without notice, but they have to scramble to consolidate and provide all of this personal information (home addresses, personal e-mail addresses, phone numbers??) on every employee to the unions!  For their use of one-on-one intimidation of course!

Lord luv a duck -- two more years of this socialist dupe in the Oval Orifice!!!

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