Saturday, April 18, 2015

I thought we had some anti-discrimination laws in this country....

.... but I reckon not!

I see where some taxpayer paid elementary school teacher is taking her students on taxpayer paid school buses to visit some of the local colleges to get them interested in going to college when they graduate from high school...

Did I mention - that White kids are not allowed on the bus - only Black kids? Teacher figures the White kids got enough access without the school bus tour!

Interesting to see that at River Forest High School in Illinois, they had a school sponsored, tax payer paid "Black Lives Matter" forum. Oh, by the way, White kids need not bother signing up -- they won't be allowed to attend.

I could go on - but you get the point - apparently race discrimination is only illegal in one direction in this neo-nation of ours. Of course it does start at the top, doesn't it. Ask a White Congressman what kind of response he would get if he requested membership in the Black Caucus or the Hispanic Caucus of our US (taxpayer paid) Congress. 

Hell, they'd laugh in his face - they don't even allow conservative Black members, much less White folks in those closed meetings! 

From Fact
Q: Is the Congressional Black Caucus racially exclusive?
A: Yes. It has never had a white member in its 36-year history. However, its stated mission is to work for "America’s neglected citizens," whatever their color.

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