Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hypocrite of the Month , or .............


This is for you peasants!!
I haven't quite decided whether Leonardo DeCrapio should be awarded a trophy for being hypocrite of the month or Phony Arsehole of the Year... you decide,

He is in the process of releasing a video for his 'Green World Rising' fund. A fund which feeds money into his extensive, expensive, luxurious travel habits.

It appears that with someone else picking up the tab - DeCrapio thinks nothing of jumping on a private jet to flit back and forth from LA to NY to Europe to LA to Vegas even....  Lord knows, he deserves better than a first class seat in a scheduled airline. 
What a guy!   

So, to enhance his ability to lecture us on not adding to the carbon footprint destroying the earth - he traveled round trip six times in six weeks, NY to LA and back... at a cost of over $200,000 ++ and a Carbon Footprint larger than Big Foot's! 

Good news is that unlike some I could mention - at least he ain't doing it on the taxpayers dime!!!

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