Saturday, April 4, 2015

Free ranging Saturday thoughts on Freedoms....

I was searching out one question today on the Internet and came up with the answer to another. The answer is .... Hong Kong is #1!!

The question would be: Which country/gob'mint enjoys the greatest Economic Freedom in the world?

Yep, remember just a few years ago when Great Britain returned Hong Kong to the Chinese -- and how the whole free world just knew that those Chinese commies would just come in and lay waste to the spirit of free enterprise and entrepreneurship of the citizens of that great city?  That was back in 1997. Eighteen years ago -- Well, guess what? In a recent ranking of economic freedoms enjoyed by different countries in the world --- Hong Kong be Numbah One Country. 
Singapore,,, another former colony returned to independence is Numbah Two.

Go figure.... by the way -- those of you too busy to click on to this report and read the background will be surprised to find that the United States of America and the United Kingdom are tied at TWELFTH  in this contest of free economic conditions.... Yeppers - Numbah Twelve & Thirteenth!! Heck, we just barely beat out Qatar!  

Is there something to be learned there?  And folks wonder why our economy is in the tank, joblessness is rampant and we are stuck in stagflation whilst these other economies are growing at 7% per year. 

The USA has oppressive tax laws, oppressive bid'ness laws, and most of all 2 million unelected bureaucrats cranking out regulations that suit their personal ideologies by the thousands each week. Whether they regard global warming, population, diversity,  gay rights, or just evil big business as their personal axe to grind, they keep grinding 'em out!

Share this with your congressmen and senators.....

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